Mano's Rocket Fuel

Hand-crafted Hot Sauce

Zesty, Hot Habanero Base

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Calypso Sweet Sauce

Mango, fresh pineapple, carrots, ginger and more!

Enjoy it on fish, poultry or pork!

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Piri Piri Portuguese Hot Sauce

Perfect Mix of Hot & Flavor

"Fuel Your Tastebuds"

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Manofuel - Fuel to Go

Convenient 1.7oz Size

Never be without your Manofuel!

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Mano's Smoke Shack Rub

Handcrafted Mix of Spices & Seasonings

Great for anything you can put in the oven
or on the grill!

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Inferno's Ghost Hot Sauce

Mix of Bhut Jolokia & Habanero

Complex Taste & Dangerously Hot Finish!

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About Manofuel Hot Sauces and Rubs


Our hot sauce story really starts back in late 1950’s as several of my cousins left Portugal to live in Lourenco Marques, Mozambique.  After the country gained its independence, the city was renamed to Maputo.  Mozambique – along with Angola and Goa – had previously been Portuguese colonies.

My cousins soon started sending us Piri Piri peppers and hot sauce. The hot sauce was very rustic and was created by using a pumice stone to grind the peppers, adding  garlic, vinegar, oil and spices.  This mix, more of a paste than a sauce, was immediately rubbed on most meats and fish.  Learn more.

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