Fuel Your Taste Buds

Once available only in New Hampshire or via special order, MANOFUEL’s great lineup of sauces and rubs is now available to anyone with an internet connection.  Our new website and shopping cart allows anyone in the world to enjoy our collection of hand-crafted, all natural sauces and smoky rubs.  Our sauces range in the heat index from dangerously hot to decadently sweet and everything in between. For a limited time, buy a 6-pack variety pack of our sauces and save 10%!

While we have two new sauces and another rub that will be introduced in the weeks to come, we are already fulfilling orders on the following products:

  • Calypso Sweet Sauce – a mix of mangos, pineapples, ginger, agave, carrots and some secret sweet spices
  • Mano’s Rocket Fuel – Hot sauce featuring habanero peppers and home grown hot peppers, blended with other spices for a great Hot Taste!!
  • PiriPiri Portuguese Hot Sauce – made with Portuguese piri piri peppers straight from Africa
  • Inferno’s Ghost – a great tasting hot sauce made with Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Peppers
  • Mano’s Smoke Shack Rub – a delectable mix of various spices and seasonings

Ready to Fuel Your Taste Buds!  Come and browse our handcrafted selection of sauces and rubs.

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Mano’s Fresh Pepper Growth!

As it is my mission to always include some of my very own fresh grown peppers in every product, I try growing various types to always come up with something fresh and better.

This year is no different as I am growing the following varieties: Tabasco peppers; Devil’s Tongue; Scorpion; Garden Salsa peppers; Dragon Cayenne peppers; and Portugal peppers.

With every crop over the years, no matter the change in weather or the amount of sun – the various peppers are NEVER the same. This year’s pepper crop is no different. We will all have to wait and see how the varieties turn out.

My success with the consistency of the hot sauces always comes down to the preparation and precise measurement of the ingredients.

New Calypso Sweet Heat Sauce

Here it is!!! This sauce is a loaded with fresh habaneros just waiting to FUEL YOUR TASTE BUDS!!!! Then the subtle finish of the sweet fresh mango, fresh pineapple, carrots, ginger, agave and special spices. Enjoy it on fish, poultry or pork or anything you cook!

Calypso Sweet HEAT Sauce is intended to bring the heat while still enhancing the flavors of any food. Calypso Sweet HEAT Sauce can be used on just about everything from seafoods, vegetables, summer pasta salads, garden salads, rice and potatoes. My favorite is on vegetables and on rice.

Suggestions for various recipes –
• Try “Calypso Sweet HEAT” as a marinade on anything before grilling or roasting in the oven.
• Try “Calypso Sweet HEAT” as a sauce after something has been grilled/roasted to add extra flavors.

Do you want to get away from using salt? Use “Calypso Sweet HEAT” instead! The healthy way to FUEL YOUR TASTE BUDS!!!

The Calypso Sweet Heat Sauce will bring BOTH the SWEET and the HEAT. It just “kicks” things up a bit.


Mano’s Smoke Shack Piri Piri Rub!

Portuguese flame grilled chicken (Frango de CHURRASCO) is one of the most famous dishes of the country. Every single bar, tavern and casual restaurant offers flame grilled chicken, using their own flavoring and spices.

Often restaurants have an outdoor fire or roasting pit where the aromas of the roasting of chickens, meats and fish draws you in! This is a Portuguese churrasqueira.

Wikipedia defines Churrasco as follows:

Churrasco (Portuguese: [ʃuˈʁasku], Spanish: [tʃuˈrasko]) is a Portuguese and Spanish term referring to beef or grilled meat. The related term churrascaria (or churrasqueria) is mostly understood to be a restaurant serving Churrasco.

In Portugal, Frango de Churrasco with piri piri (a kind of salty roasted chicken cooked on the churrasqueira, spiced with hot red chili sauce) is very popular. Portuguese churrasco and chicken dishes are very popular in countries with Portuguese communities, such as Canada, Australia, the United States, Venezuela and South Africa.

The term churrasco is used in former Portuguese colonies—a Churrasco Moçambicano is a grilled meat dish from Mozambique, for instance. Churrasco also refers to grilled pork or beef spare-ribs.

The base seasoning starts with white wine rubbed all over the chicken, the rub and spices to your taste, and thin sliced fresh garlic or garlic powder, salt and pepper if desired.

No need to experiment since I have already done that for you……the result is a flavorful, spicy, hand crafted mix of hot spices and seasonings that you will really enjoy – Manofuel’s Smoke Shack PIRI PIRI Rub!! You can pick out many of the spices that are in the mix, but there are many others that are used to enhance the flavors and seal all of the juices in.
Try it on chicken, pork, ribs, steaks, burgers, salmon, fish steaks, and anything that you can fit on a grill or in the oven. And of course on the rim of the Bloody Mary glass!!

First pour white wine all over the meat. Massage the rub into the meat and let it marinate overnight in the fridge. Or if you are short on time, at least an hour or two before cooking. This process is a dry marinade or a form of “curing”. The rub adds flavor, color, a nice crust (called bark) and texture.