New Calypso Sweet Heat Sauce

Here it is!!! This sauce is a loaded with fresh habaneros just waiting to FUEL YOUR TASTE BUDS!!!! Then the subtle finish of the sweet fresh mango, fresh pineapple, carrots, ginger, agave and special spices. Enjoy it on fish, poultry or pork or anything you cook!

Calypso Sweet HEAT Sauce is intended to bring the heat while still enhancing the flavors of any food. Calypso Sweet HEAT Sauce can be used on just about everything from seafoods, vegetables, summer pasta salads, garden salads, rice and potatoes. My favorite is on vegetables and on rice.

Suggestions for various recipes –
• Try “Calypso Sweet HEAT” as a marinade on anything before grilling or roasting in the oven.
• Try “Calypso Sweet HEAT” as a sauce after something has been grilled/roasted to add extra flavors.

Do you want to get away from using salt? Use “Calypso Sweet HEAT” instead! The healthy way to FUEL YOUR TASTE BUDS!!!

The Calypso Sweet Heat Sauce will bring BOTH the SWEET and the HEAT. It just “kicks” things up a bit.